First Aid

There are many benefits from possessing First Aid skills for our Nannies, who work with your children. Paediatric First Aid skills are taught by a professional trainer during a 12-hour course. Working with children, it is a necessary requirement of the job to hold a First Aid Certificate.

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The basic First Aid training teaches our Nannies how to deal with an array of situations, such as sprains, bumps, knocks, cuts, bruises and broken bones. More elaborately, it also covers extensively infant choking, CPR, hypothermia and how to deal with emergencies effectively. Our Nannies are comfortable with the procedure of administering medication and have experience in doing so.

The first few seconds after an accident, or fall, can make a huge different, a difference between life and death. First Aid courses teach our Nannies how to administer the right procedure  —  as taking immediate and the right action could save the life of the infant or child.

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Having a professional Nanny who holds a current First Aid Certificate ensures peace of mind for both the families they work for and for themselves. Caring for children, whether as a parent or professional, brings a great deal of responsibility, so knowing what to do should an accident happen is essential.

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