Testiminal from an employee

Monday, 2nd February, 2015

“Today was like a whirl wind. It was my first client meeting and I was a little nervous. Not only did I have to meet the parents I had to meet the 13 other guests and the chalet staff! I had so many questions flying through my head. Would I know who the parents were? What would they be like?  Is there a doorbell on the chalet, I had the codes so do I just let myself in? What would I do if the chalet staff thought I was a guest? Was I wearing too much make up? Do I remember the clients name? What was the child’s name? The list was endless and turning over and over in my head as I walked up the slope to the chalet… What had I let myself in for? What had possessed me to leave my comfortable teaching assistant job in the U.K. to come here?

I took a deep breath and proceeded. I met the chalet manager outside. She showed me in and the rest was a breeze. Over the course of time with that family I had so many adventures. The little boy loved transport and his favourite activity was to get the ski lift up the mountain, get the train down the mountain, grab a cheeky hot chocolate and then sledge all the way home. We played endless games of counting cars and piste bashers and singing songs about helicopter and planes.

When the family left I was devastated to say goodbye. I thought to myself that if I had had so much fun with one child what would the rest of the season bring me? What other adventures could I have? I was so enthralled by my new job and the effect it would have on my enjoyment for the season. I was so glad that I had chosen to work for Jelly and Ice-Cream.” – BECKY, Head Nanny (2013-14)

Becki Pram pushing