Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

We are looking for nannies for the Summer 2018 season and the Winter 2018/9 ski season.

In the summertime Jelly & Ice Cream has nannies based in Mallorca and St Tropez, while the winter is spent in the French Alps at the resorts of Val d’Isere, Tignes, Courchevel, Meribel and Saint Foy. Both seasons offer the opportunity to work in and discover some beautiful parts of Europe, whether you’re a sun worshipper or a fan of the snow.

Take a look at the job prospectus below and then get in touch if you’d like to apply.

Position: Nanny in Mallorca
TBA May 2018 – TBA September 2018
Accommodation will be organised and provided for the duration of your contract. This will be paid
for by Jelly & Ice-Cream. You will be required to pay at £ 250.00 deposit, which is fully refundable,
assuming no damages to the property.
Utility bills and Electricity:
You are liable for the cost of your bills each month. This should be between £ 50- £ 75.00 per
month per person.
You will be paid a monthly wage of 700£ on a monthly basis.
Job description:
This is the same as per the winter in terms of child care except the job is in the sun. You will be
expected to organise activities and use the islands facilities like going to the water parks, beaches,
gardens and towns. A full job description will be provided along with the handbook and contract.
Other jobs may be asked of you inclusive of cooking and cleaning for a family within reason.
Working hours:
Working hours are flexible. A job could be anything from 2 hours plus. Some weeks will be full
time and others part time and other weeks will be quiet depending on the time of the season. This
will not impact your salary.
Working hours will vary to the demands of he business, however you will be set with a rot on a
weekly basis. Jelly and Ice Cream operates on a 24 hour basis. Working hours are between 35-150
hours per month.

Job deposit:
The company as per the winter season requires a £200 job deposit. This may be retained by the
company if you decide to leave before the last date of the agreed contract also, this will cover us if
there are any inflicted issues on the accommodation also. The full amount is returnable to you at the
end of the contract.
Travel can be arranged by us, and will be taken out of your job deposit. You will be based in the
North of the island in the town of Pollenca. The airport on the island is in Palma. A coach to
Pollenca is the easiest and cheapest option. Details will be provided.
Holiday leave:
Due to the short and sporadic nature of the contract, no holiday leave will be permitted unless
otherwise pre-agreed with Tina prior to employment.
Jelly and Ice-Cream will provide the nannies with a company car with full insurance. Details will be
provided in the contract. The car can be used for work purposes only as required. Jelly and Ice-

Cream will endeavour where possible to arrange transport for the nanny if the car is not available
however it is ultimately the nannies responsibility to use public transport where possible.
Travel/fuel costs will only be provided in excess of 20km. A disclaimer will be provided and the
nanny will cover the excess if the insurance company finds the nanny at fault. A driving test may be
required. The car will not be available for personal use.
Live-In and Travelling jobs:
You may be required to do a live in / travelling job with families. Jelly and Ice-Cream in this
instance will always take your preference on board however reserves the right to the final decision.
Food will be covered by the clients during your working hours. Accommodation will be provided.
An agreement of salary will be normal unless otherwise agreed.
Uniform will be provided. You are expected to wear appropriate clothing to work in the sun and in
high end villas. Details of appearance and appropriate clothing will be provided to you along with
the contract and handbook.
You will be expected to be able to complete and fill in your time sheets and any other requested
paperwork to the company on time.

 Hold relevant qualifications and have relevant experience.
 You will be expected to have baby experience and be able to work with sole charge
of babies upwards.
 Essential, police check no more than two years old and hold a current 1 st aid
 UK National Insurance number
 A UK bank account.
 An EU passport or valid UK working VISA (We do not accept French visas.)
 Available to work throughout the contract
 MUST hold a UK driving licence or will not be considered.
 A valid A1 form will be applied for by the company on your behalf to work abroad.
 A valid EHIC Card

Current employees will be interviewed for the positions. If you wish to apply, please email to arrange a meeting. If an offer of a job is made, there will
be a 14 day period in which to accept the position.

Kind regards,
Jamie Wycherley