Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the terms and conditions for Jelly and Ice Cream Limited. Please can you ensure you read and understand this information as it provides important information regarding your childcare booking.

Fee Payments and Deposits

Upon booking confirmation, 50% of the total cost of your childcare will be required. This deposit secures your booking and is non refundable. (Please see cancellation policy). We cannot guarantee any bookings without the payment of this deposit.

The remaining balance must be paid four weeks before the booking commences. Any further childcare requirements such as evening work will be invoiced at the end of your booking with all payments to be settled prior to your departure. Early invoicing or payment in advance can also be arranged upon request.

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event of you needing to cancel your childcare requirements the following terms will apply:

Your deposit is unfortunately non refundable. Where notification of a cancellation is more than 1 week before the start of the booking, 50% of your full payment will be refunded to you.

Where notification of a cancellation is less than 1 week before the start of your booking, unfortunately no monies will be refunded.

A cancellation invoice can be issued to you for the purpose of claiming any losses from your insurance company.

Postponement Policy

If your holiday is postponed we will endeavour to provide you with childcare during your new holiday dates. There will be a 10% charge of your total childcare cost for us to rearrange your childcare at any time. If however we are unable to provide you with childcare for your new holiday dates the cancellation charges above apply.

Working Hours

All working hours will be agreed at the time of booking however if you choose to start your day late or finish your day early and therefore your nanny is not required for the full pre-booked session, the fee remains the same and no refunds will be given for any unused hours. Any additional hours required will be charged and the pre-agreed rates.

Evening childcare is available upon request. We can often accommodate evening work at short notice however to guarantee a booking please confirm your requirements as early as possible.

Sickness and Medication

If your child is unwell during your holiday there is a local doctor’s surgery and a number of pharmacy’s available. We can provide you with directions and opening hours upon request. In the unlikely event that you child has an infectious illness, it may be that your nanny cannot continue to care for them; in this event, there is no refund of fees.

Prior to commencement of your booking you will be asked to sign an agreement authorising our nannies to act on your behalf in circumstances when your child may need medical advice/treatment in an emergency. We will only give medication prescribed by a doctor to your child following your prior written permission. (Medication forms will be available in resort). Calpol (or equivalent) will only be administered to bring down a high fever and we will contact you for permission beforehand unless otherwise agreed.

Sickness of Staff

If your nanny should become unwell during your stay and is unable to care for your child we will endeavour to provide you with a replacement nanny. During busy periods however this may not be possible and any hours or days that you have not received childcare you will be refunded within 2 weeks of your departure from resort.


As part of our service the nannies can prepare your children’s lunch each day. How this service is provided depends on whether or not you have a catered chalet and the type of facilities that are available in your rented accommodation. It is your responsibility to provide lunch for both the child and the nanny.

Catered chalets

Breakfast will be served prior to your nannies arrival at 9am. Lunch -Nannies are not insured to use the facilities in company chalets to prepare food, therefore we are unable to provide your children with a hot lunch in this type of accommodation. If you do require that the nanny arranges lunch we will require a float of money which can be either used for a restaurant/cafe lunch or for the purchase of picnic style food from the local supermarket. Again it is your responsibility to provide lunch for both the child and the nanny. All receipts will be retained as proof of purchase. Dinner- Your chalet staff will usually provide your children with a hot meal in the early evening. Please confirm this with your travel company.

Self Catering Accommodation

All meals can be provided for your child during the nannies working hours. We ask that food is available for the nanny’s first day and then as part of our service we will purchase food for the remaining days including lunch for your nanny. You will be required to provide Euros to the nanny prior to shopping and all receipts will be retained.


Children staying in a hotel will need to have lunch in a restaurant each day as there will be no facilities to cook or prepare lunch. Please provide your nanny with a float for the week to pay for drinks and food for both the child and your nanny.

Eating Out

Your nanny will be able to recommend which restaurants are suitable for children. If you wish your nanny to take your child out for lunch we are happy to do this. Please ensure that money to cover both the child and the nannies lunch are provided in advance.

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

It is your responsibility as parents to inform us of any special dietary requirements that your child may have and equip us with the necessary medication in case of an allergic reaction. This information must be given to us in writing by completing the confirmation form which you will be asked to complete in advance of your arrival.

Service Improvement

Jelly and Ice Cream Limited are committed to continually improving our service to our clients and as a result have created a customer satisfaction questionnaire that we may ask you to complete. We thank you in advance for doing this as your feedback is very important. Feedback Form Email it to tina@jellyandice-cream.com

In addition to the above, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service from Jelly and Ice-Cream Limited, we would appreciate you raising this at the time any such event occurs rather than at the end of your stay. This ensures you receive the highest level of service at all times.